TOP 100 Whatsapp Status on Life


Status on Life : After Sad Status in Hindi &  Attitude Status in Hindi, Today We are going to share TOP 100 Whatsapp Status on Life. Fungistaan provides large collection of Hindi Status & Hindi Shayari. We also have a Collection of Angry Quotes & Diwali Quotes.


Whatsapp Status on Life


Whatsapp Status on Life



Do Not Dwell In The Past, Do Not Dream Of The Future, Concentrate The Mind On The Present Moment.


The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy Your Life – To Be Happy – It’S All That Matters.


Life Is Really Simple, But We Insist On Making It Complicated.


Life Is A Dream For The Wise, A Game For The Fool, A Comedy For The Rich, A Tragedy For The Poor.


Create A Life You Don’T Need A Vacation From.


If You Want To Live A Happy Life, Tir It To A Goal.. Not To People Or Objects.


I’Ve Failed Over & Over And Over Again In My Life. That’S Why I Succeed.


Sometime Life Is About Risking Everything For A Dream No One See But You.


The Cost Of Not Following Your Heart, Is Spending The Rest Of Your Life Wishing You Had.


Its Just A Bady Not A Bad Life.


What Consumes Your Mind, Controls Your Life.


You You Can Not Stop Thinking About It, Don’T Stop Working For It.


Life Is A Sweet Music…. Just Play It.


Don’T Choose. Accept Life As It Is In Its Totality.


No One Is Coming To Save You. This Life Of Your Is 100% Your Responsibility.


If You Want Life To Smile At You, Give It Your Good Mood First.


Life Is Like An Ice Cream, Enjoy It Before It Melts.


I’ve Learned If You Love Life, Life Will Love You Back Sooner Or Later.


Do Not Take Life Too Seriously. You Will Never Get Out Of It Alive.


Life Always Offers You A Second Chance. It’S Called Tomorrow.


Life Is Not A Matter Of Milestones But Of Moments.


Your Life Doesn’T Get Better By Chance, It Gets Better By Change.


Enjoy Your Own Life Without Comparing It With That Of Others.


Life Is Too Short To Wait On Someone To Love You The Way You Love Them.


Life Is Not About Finding Yourself. Life Is About Creating Yourself.


Life Isn’T Always Sunshine And Butterflies. Sometimes You Got To Learn To Smile Through The Pain.


Enjoy Life. It Comes With Expiry Date.


Life Isn’T Hard. People With Their Needless Complications And Unnecessary Lies Make It That Way.


Everyone Wants Happiness, No One Wants Pain, But You Can’T Make A Rainbow, Without A Little Rain.


A Beautiful Dress Can Change The Personality But Beautiful Behavior Can Change The Life!!



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