TOP 100 Angry Status for WhatsApp


100 Angry Status for WhatsApp – Anger is Feeling of a strong feeling of Annoyance, Displeasure, or Hostility. Sometime People Makes You Angry but You can’t tell them Directly on Face. So at that Time You can use our Angry Status for Whatsapp & by Putting these Angry Status for Whatsapp on Social Media You can show How You are Feeling. You can also Share Your Angry Status for Whatsapp with us on Facebook & in Comment.

Angry Status for Whatsapp


Angry Status for WhatsApp


If Another Can Easily Anger You, It Is Because You Are Off Balance With Yourself.

Everything Is Getting Expensive Except Some People, They Are Getting Cheaper.

Just Because You’Re Angry Doesn’t Mean You Have The Right To Be Cruel.

Some People Need To Open Their Small Minds Instead Of Their Big Mouths.

Sometimes One Middle Finger Isn’t Enough To Let Someone Know How You Feel.

Life Is Full Of Fake People.

If I Delete Your Number, You’Re Basically Deleted From My Life.

Never Forget What Someone Says To You When They Are Angry, Because That’S When The Truth Comes Out.

You Have A Problem With Me. I’M Pretty Sure A Status On Facebook Won’T Fix It.

Sometimes I’M Just Not In The Mood To Talk.

It Sucks When You Realize You Rejected Other People For That One Person Who Wasted Your Time.

Sometimes One Middle Finger Isn’t Enough To Let Someone Know How You Feel. That’S Why You Have Two Hands.

Stay In Control Of Your Anger. Don’T Let Your Anger Control You.

My Attitude Will Always Be Based On How You Treat Me.

Never Regret Something That Once Made You Smile.

Don’T Do Something Permanently Stupid Just Because You’Re Temporary Upset.

Never Make A Decision When You Are Angry & Never Make A Promise When You’Re Happy.

Dear Girls…I Have Sent You A Friend Request Not A Marriage Proposal. So Kindly Stop Over Acting.

The More Anger Towards The Past You Carry In Your Heart, The Less Capable You Are Of Loving In The Present.

Listen To What People Say When They’Re Mad. That’S When The Truth Comes Out.

Never Go To Bed Angry. Stay Awake And Plot Your Revenge.

Before You Judge Me, Make Sure That You’Re Perfect.

You Will Not Be Punished For Your Anger. You Will Punished By Your Anger – Buddha.

Getting Angry Doesn’t Solve Anything.

An Angry Man Open His Mouth & Shuts His Eyes.

I Will Not Delete You Or Block You. I Am Keeping You There So You Will Be Able To See How Happy I’M Without You.

Speak When You Are Angry & You’Ll Make The Best Speach You’Ll Regreat.

Definition Of Ex: Thanks For The Experience. Our Time Has Expired. Now Exit My Life.

Sometimes I’M Just Not In The Mood To Talk.

Don’T Make So Many Promises When You Can’T Even Keep One.

Never Go To Bed Angry, Stay Awake And Plot Revenge.

When You Truly Care For Someone, Their Mistakes Never Change Your Feelings

Because Its The Mind That Gets Angry But The Heart Stull Cares.

Listen To People When They Are Angry, Because That Is When The Real Truth Comes Out.

Anger Is Only One Letter Short Of Danger.

I Don’T Need Anger Management. I Need People To Stop Pissing Me Off.

Getting Angry Is Actually Punishing Yourself With The Mistakes Of Others.

If You Are Patient In One Moment Of Anger, You Will Escape A Hundred Days Of Sorrow.

We Met For A Reason. Either You’Re A Blessing Or Lesson.

I’ve Been Acting Like I’M Okay But I’M Not.

When You Are Angry, Your Text Speed Increases By A Ridiculous Amount.

Some People Need To Be Thanking God That I Haven’T Slapped Them Yet.

Even Nicest People Have Their Limits.

Don’T Be Angry With People Who Don’T Have The Capacity To Change.

I Would’T Have To Manage My Anger, If People Could Learn To Manage Their Stupidity.

Some People Never Realize The Emotional And Mental Damage They Do To Others.

No Matter How Angry You Get, You Always End Up Forgiving The People You Love.


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